Real & faux calligraphy ★ Creative Challenge 6


Calligraphy the fine art of writing 

I love the written word. Since 2008 I visited a few calligraphy-classes. When - I began my media-management studies, I thought i would have a lot of time to do calligraphy. I would tell myself that afterwards I would be a pro in writing beautiful fonts. Since I had a free day every Friday I planned to only do calligraphy. But I was wrong. And I have not visitet a class since 2010 because calligraphy-classes were too expensive. Sadly way too much money for a student. Luckily I found the Creative Challenge from Michelle. A good reason to start with calligraphy again...

Today I'm showing the difference between real and faux-calligraphy on my own work. The difference between writing and drawing a font.

Real handwritten calligraphy

So now, I have to start all over again. I'm back at the beginning (please keep that in mind ;)). Here you can see a few pictures of real calligraphy I have done.

Now the faux, handdrawn, calligraphy

For me, faux calligraphy means that the words were not writen with a pen, they were drawn. Its also beautiful, but not the original method. A example is our handlettered header ... Can you see the difference? Here are the different steps I did:

1) Draw a word, name, sentence with a pencil the way you think it should look.
2) Draw the outlines with a black pen. Than colour it.
3) At least you can edit it on your computer. Here's a very nice tutorial for beginners. Click.

If you work on your own project you can try different methods in order to find your personal favorite.

Links I love: 
Since the Elegance & Enchantment Creative Challenge startet in January I wanted to take part. But at first I wasn't in time. 

As I learned about the challenge in February the first month was already over. The topic of February/ March was watercolour. I love drawing with watercolours, but have to take a class or something to really get in touch with it. But I tried an watercoloured invitation for the birthday of my sister Julia:

And a landscape:

  • In May/ June the topic was Gardening and Floral Arrangement. There it will be a post in the next few days, where you can look over our garden door. 
But now in June/ July I'm in time to be part of the Creative Challenge 

Thanks a lot to Michelle from Elegance and Enchantment for this great Challange. It was surely a lot of work preparing everything and you have done a great job. ❤

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2 Kommentare

  1. Es sieht so schön aus! Egal ob real oder faux. :D Besonders dieser rundgeschriebene Text ist toll. <3

    1. Danke, ich muss nun weiterhin fleißig üben, dann kann ich Euch vielleicht öfter mal was "schön geschriebenes" zeigen... Ein gehandletterter Kalender is so eine Idee, die ich gerne mal umsetzen würde, aber naja mal schauen ob das mal was wird.


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